Legal Snippets from the Past: Oneida County Criminal Docket Entry (Pg. 122)


These were definitely different times in Oneida County….The above docket entry reads as follows:

Nov. 4th, 1907.  Complaint for criminal warrant made in writing by Ernest Meicikalski charging that on the 31st day  of October 1907 at said County, Geo. Hafield did wrongfully and feloniously take, steal and carry away from the possession of the complainant, one turkey and one white leghorn cock, of the value  of three dollars, the property of this complainant, against the peace and dignity of the State of Wisconsin.  Complaint filed and warrant issued and delivered to Deputy J.M. Burns for service. D. H. Walker, Municipal Judge.

Legal Snippets: City of Rhinelander -vs- E. S. Shepard

The Result:

Aug. 28, 1907.  Warrant was returned having been served…Deft. in court in custody of Officer Sullivan…Complaint read. Deft. pleads “Guilty”…court imposes a fine of $15.00 and costs and in default of payment…that he be imprisoned in the common jail of Oneida County, for a period not to exceed twenty-one days.  Fine and costs paid and Deft. discharged.  F.M. Mason, J.P. acting Municipal Judge

Legal Snippets from the Past: 1907 Oneida County Criminal Docket (Page 71)….


…the body of the above image reads:

State of Wisconsin, Oneida Co.  In Municipal Court. City of Rhinelander, Plaintiff, against E. S. Shepard, Defendant. Before F. M. Mason, J. P. & Acting Municipal Judge.  1907. Aug. 28th…Complaint for criminal warrant made in writing by M. Sullivan, charging that on the 27th day of August 1907, at said City, E.S. Shepard did as the deponent verily believes, violate an ordinance of said City, to-wit “An Ordinance to Maintain and Enforce Good Order in the City” which said Ordinance was duly published on the 17th day of May A.D. 1894 and was in force from said day until this date, in that he did then and there contrary to said ordinance  use boisterous and indecent  language on the streets of said City and was in a drunken and disorderly condition thereon.  Wherefore complaintant prays that said E.S. Shepard may be arrested and dealt with according to law.      Complaint filed and warrant issued and delivered to Officer Sullivan.                                       F. M. Mason, J.P. & Acting Municipal Judge

Seidl Law Offices, LLC, cannot verify that the “E. S. Shepard” in this Oneida County Criminal Docket entry is in fact thee Eugene Simeon Shepard (1854 -1923) who is credited for catching the infamous Rhinelander Hodag…the Eugene S. Shepard credited for capturing the Hodag would have been about  but 53 years old at the time of this 1907 Oneida County Criminal Docket Entry …In any event, assuming this E.S. Shepard plead “Guilty,” what do you think his sentence was?  Check back later for the result!!